Find our new catering menus under our catering tab.  Now along with BBQ, you can also enjoy delicious traditional options.

Welcome to American Grill! 

Our BBQ is smoked slow and low, marinated in Homemade Dry Rubs, & complemented by Homemade BBQ Sauces! 

Under the "Our Grill" tab, you can find pictures of some of our items.  Please take warning; the pictures will make you hungry!

Having a party?  We've got you covered! Enjoy our Southern Style BBQ or traditional menu items.  Make your party delicious!

You can always contact us through this web page, Facebook, our give us a call at 570-655-1719.

See you soon!


We love to mix it up a bit. You can enjoy Chicken and Waffles, or maybe even a southern inspired dessert. When you want to venture a little out of your comfort zone, we have something for you!


Southern Specials

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Our burgers have so much flavor packed into it, you will be sad to take your last bite. You can build your own or try one of our signature burgers, either way, these burgers will not disappoint!

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Our BBQ is slow-and-low done right. Whether it’s the pork, brisket, chicken, or ribs, it’s been marinated in a homemade rub for at least 72 hours. We hit it with just enough smoke and slow cook it until it is melt in your mouth tender. No knife needed!